Nov 28

HTMLayout Spy. Aplha is coming soon.

Tag: alpha, HTMLayout SpyAndrey Borodaev @ 3:15 pm

HTMLayout Spy Screenshot

Development of the HTMLayout Spy is finishing. This screenshot shows main features:

  • DOM-Tree of client application (standard browse.exe with last Andrew’s demo)
  • DOM-element info (base info and style)
  • Path to the current element
  • Some elements (li’s and div’s) in user application is highlited
  • Spy attach log to client application

I will release alpha version in the end of week.

4 Responses to “HTMLayout Spy. Aplha is coming soon.”

  1. John says:

    This looks like a great tool. I do have a couple of questions though.

    First, it seems to crash any time I point it to a Window that is NOT an HTMLayout window. This is easy enough to accidentally do, and fairly annoying when it happens. Any chance of this being fixed?

    Second, when you are debugging CSS it is ALMOST essential to be able to change it and refresh. You seem to be doing something already to set borders, is there any chance you could add a feature allowing the CSS to be tweaked on demand?

    Last, it looks like it has been over a year since the alpha version of this was released, and no updates. What is the future of this tool? Open Source perhaps?

    Thanks again for an awesome debugging tool.

  2. ShaggyOwl says:

    Hello John!
    Thanks for your opinion and questions.
    1. Yes, it will be fixed.
    2. Nice idea, I add this feature.
    3. I want resurrect HTMLayout Spy in February-March.
    Bug reports and feature requests are welcome :)

  3. John says:

    Great! Glad to hear this product has a future. I’ve been using it a little more now and I do have two other wishlist items. First, the ability to modify the HTML markup at runtime (similar to the earlier CSS request.)

    The other may be harder, but I’ll throw it out there. I LOVE the Firebug way of displaying the CSS styles. You see plain old CSS code for the styles that apply. Styles are in cascade order, and styles that have been superseded by the cascade are crossed out. If you haven’t used Firebug, you should give it a look. It is an add on for Firefox. The big advantage here is that it is really easy to check and see if “that one style” is ACTUALLY being applied, as expected. You can also see who is to blame for a specific style being overwritten.

    The only easy way that I see of implementing this would be to come up with a list of possible styles somehow (parsing the CSS?) and then calling dom::element::test(selector) with each one to determine which styles are relevant to the selected element. I wouldn’t rip out your current method of displaying styles, since it has it’s own benefits too, but a Firebug like display would be a lifesaver.

    Thanks again. HTMLayout Spy is awesome.

  4. ShaggyOwl says:

    Yes, its really useful add-on and comfortable style representation. I love it too :)
    Some months ago I request features for easy styles debugging (have on my mind FireBug) and Andrew Fedoniouk impement HTMLayoutEnumElementStyles function, it description: “enums CSS rules applied to the element in its currnet state”.
    I dont use it in current version of HTMLayoutSpy, but I plan to use it or any other way for user-friendly styles presentation (I think “any other way” mean to use you idea - parse styles and test elements).

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