Dec 25

HTMLayout behaviors library

Tag: HTMLayoutUp!Andrey Borodaev @ 11:15 am


Last time I’ve made some behaviors: sortable grid (such as standard, but with some extended features), property grid, tree. They needed small fixes, but it’s not bad code snippets.

I have some questions to visitors of this site:

Is there any use in updating and publishing these behaviors? I have two ideas about publishing it, commercial library or some kind of open source. Differences are trivial: open source version will free, but I cant spend much time for development this project.

I’m interesting in your opinion.

Sortable grid screenshot

2 Responses to “HTMLayout behaviors library”

  1. Dmitry Yakimov says:

    I think it is better to make it opensource and benefit from fixes from community of htmlayout.

  2. Andrey says:

    I think even if you made commercial version you won’t have enough customers to provide an appropriate level of support and development.
    However I would buy documented “extended pack of components” for several dozens of bucks.

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