Feb 01

Lab resurrection

Tag: project-stateAndrey Borodaev @ 2:29 pm

Hello everybody!
I would like to introduce myself to those with whom we do not pen-friend yet, my name is Andrey Borodaev, I’m a programmer from Moscow. One of my favorite tools for developing is a HTMLayout library. This remarkable library is a lightweight and flexible tool for creating various user interfaces.
Several years ago, when I had accumulated some experience in the use of HTMLayout, I had a desire to share this knowledge and experiences with others and create this site. Then I did not have enough time to develop the project, but now I feel the strength and time to develop HTMLayoutLab. In the near future the project will be revived.
The main objective of the project - covering weaknesses of library. In the site will be published:

  • Small experiments and examples for documenting library. Initially, they will be in the form of posts in the blog. In the future, possibly, wiki will be made on base of them.
  • HTMLayout behaviors library. The library will be divided into two parts: the basic behaviors, with some liberal open-source license (eg MIT) and advanced behaviors with commercial license.
  • HTMLayout Spy. Tool for debugging HTMLayout applications. The project will be commercial. I think this will give him more attention and effort.
  • Maybe something else. Write in the comments, what would you like to see on the site.

It’s time to subscribe to RSS. See you soon.
PS I hope my small English will not force you to close the browser :).

5 Responses to “Lab resurrection”

  1. MONSERRATE says:

    So simply does not happen

  2. Netsesame says:

    Good wish!

    Hope for more useful behavior component.

  3. coderkid says:

    It’s too bad HTMLayoutSpy doesn’t work for Sciter windows too. :(

  4. georgiy says:

    здравствуйте! а в какие примерно скроки появятся более или менее документация по основам? и собираетесь ли вы использовать wtl ?
    или только winapi будет?
    просто на сайте htmlayout документация никакая вообще. самых простых туториалов нету.

  5. 23W says:

    we are waiting… for new articles.

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