Hello everybody!
My name is Andrey Borodaev, I’m a programmer from Moscow. One of my favorite tools for developing is a HTMLayout library. This remarkable library is a lightweight and flexible tool for creating various user interfaces.
I had accumulated some experience in the use of HTMLayout, I had a desire to share this knowledge and experiences with others and create this site.
The main objective of the project - covering weaknesses of library. In the site will be published:

  • Small experiments and examples for documenting library. Initially, they will be in the form of posts in the blog.
  • HTMLayout behaviors library. The library will be divided into two parts: the basic behaviors, with some liberal open-source license (eg MIT) and advanced behaviors with commercial license.
  • HTMLayout Spy. Tool for debugging HTMLayout applications. The project will be commercial. I think this will give him more attention and effort.
  • Maybe something else. Write me, what would you like to see on the site: andrey [at] htmlayoutlab [dot] com .

PS I hope my small English will not force you to close the browser :).